Dear Sponsors,

The Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant (MCCP) invites you to become a sponsor for our annual event and contestants thereby supporting women empowerment and benefiting our various charitable partners. The primary source of funding for MCCP is from corporate sponsors, such as yourself, MCCP receives no government funding.

The first Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant formerly Miss Lloyd’s Photography was founded in 1991. The pageant was born out of the idea and desire to assist young ladies by providing them with a platform to build self-esteem, facilitating exposure to opportunities and experiences that plays a role in shaping them into confident, bold and informed contributors to society.

Over the past 24 years, the organization has partnered and supported numerous charitable initiatives such as; Sickle Cell Association of Ontario, Marcus Garvey Day Celebration, The Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA), Disaster Relief, Pre-school education and women empowerment. The pageant was built on principles of honesty, women empowerment and integrity.

Your sponsorship will help assure the continued success of MCCP and the numerous women we have empowered over the year. To learn more about how you can support MCCP click here to request our Sponsorship Package.


Llyod Dwyer