Over the past 24 years, the organization has partnered and supported numerous charitable initiatives such as; Sickle Cell Association of Ontario, Marcus Garvey Day Celebration, The Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA), Disaster Relief, Pre-school education and women empowerment.

Thank you for your amazing charitable work, MCCP looks forward to continuing to work with and support your causes.


Each year The Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant partners with numerous charitable causes to help raise awareness and donations to further their reach and audience. Our delegates for each year’s Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant are hand-picked by our executives to participate in a life changing experience. One that changes their lives and the lives of others. We are passionate about the communities in which we live and work in and our delegates are compassionate to make a difference within these communities. Through this Charity Partnership program we eliminate the financial barriers while making a difference in your community one family at a time.


The Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant considers charities that have significant financial barriers.

1. Each application will be considered carefully and given the same priority be it the first year applying or if you have previously applied.

2. All applicants will be chosen and contacted for the year that they have applied for, as soon as possible.

3. No Applications will be kept on file.

Application Approval

If your application is approved we will notify you as soon as possible. The organization the funds are paid to cannot transfer funds to another individual. Funds can only be used by the approved applicants. We have a large amount of applications so we will not respond to everyone that applies.

Privacy / Confidentiality

Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant respects your privacy. We never sell, trade or loan your information to any other organizations. Information provided in this application is strictly for the purposes of review by Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant authority.

To learn more about how you can become a charitable partner of MCCP click here to request our Charity Partner Package.