Contestants for 2016

alicia sandy

Alicia SAndy

Sponsor: Class One Record
Representing: Ajax
Favourite Food: Doubles with slight pepper and a stag
Goals: Open a daycare
Hobbies: Cooking, Sports, Family
denissa palmer

Denissa Palmer

Sponsor: Everglow
Representing: Cuba
Favourite Food: Chinese
Goals: Fasion Magazine Editor
Hobbies: reading, eating, painting, and soccer
desley andrew-augustin

Desley Andrew-Augustin

Sponsor: kein's Trucking
Representing: St. Lucia
Favourite Food: Seafood Pasta
Goals: Media broadcasting & morning television
Hobbies: Singing, composing songs and DIY projects.
jahail shanice darby

Jahail Shanice Darby

Sponsor: Jiffy Lube
Representing: Jamaica
Favourite Food: Korean Bulgogi and Pizza
Goals: Becoming a Family Lawyer
Hobbies: Singing, dancing and playing rugby
nicole paris

Nicole Paris

Sponsor: dslap
Representing: Trinidad and Tobago
Favourite Food: Macaroni Pie
Goals: Nutritionist / Motivational Speaker
Hobbies: writing poetry, designing clothes
pegah donna

Pegah Donna

Sponsor: Malcolm Concrete
Representing: Toronto
Favourite Food: Vegan dishes
Goals: my acting & Modeling career
Hobbies: music & beaches
princess aye asentewaa

Princess Aye Asentewaa

Sponsor: Malcolm Concrete Designs Inc.
Representing: Ottawa
Favourite Food: Caribbean and Italian Cuisine
Goals: Social Justice and Mental Health advocate
Hobbies: Reading, writing, dancing, playing soccer and watching foreign documentaries
colleen jones

Colleen Jones

Sponsor: Bakers Jerk Restaurant
Representing: Mississauga
Favourite Food: Oxtail with Rice and peas
Goals: become a nurse and help others
Hobbies: Cooking, photography and reading poetry
giselle williams

Giselle Williams

Sponsor: Everglow Painting
Representing: Jamaica
Favourite Food: Stew Peas
Goals: Happy retirement
Hobbies: reading, dinner tasting, & experience different cultures
lotaya francis

Lotaya Francis

Sponsor: Malcom Concrete Design
Representing: Trinidad and Tobago
Goals: Social worker
melissa mattis

Melissa Mattis

Sponsor: Class One Records
Representing: Suriname
Goals: Food & Hospitality
Hobbies: Music, Basketball, Poetry
tamera rutherford-bent

Tamera Rutherford-Bent

Sponsor: Out A Road Records
Representing: Martinique
Goals: Athletic Therapist
Hobbies: Track and Field, Singing, Fitness
tynisia roach

Tynisia Roach

Sponsor: Blue Diamond Banquet Hall
Representing: Dominica
Goals: First Black Priminister
Hobbies: Reading & Music